Completed Projects

Completed Projects


Honeywell Engines, Systems & Services Laboratory Services Integrated Technology Center Lab Facilities Electrical Engineer, with projects in Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Torrance, and Mexico.


International Airport Satellite Terminal Inspection.                                 (Anchorage)

Bethel Control Tower Ground Survey                                                   (Bethel)

Kenai Airport Remodel                                                               (Kenai)

Barrow Airport Runway Addition                                               (Barrow)

Anchorage International Airport Design Review                           (Anchorage)

Goodyear Airport Hanger/Beacon  1992                                              (Goodyear AZ)

Pulliam Airport Infrastucture   1992                                                       (Flagstaff AZ)

Coolidge Airport Taxiway Lighting 1992                                               (Coolidge AZ)

Window Rock Airport Taxiway Design                                       (Window Rock)

Desert Harbor International Airport Electrical Study                    (Phoenix)

Pulliam Airport Fire Pump                                                           (Flagstaff)

Civic Centers

Anchorage Sports Arena Track Lighting                                                (Anchorage)

Fairbanks Community Activity Center                                         (Fairbanks)

Arizona State Courts Ballasts Invest.                                           (Phoenix AZ)

Arizona Museum of Science & Technology                                 (Phoenix AZ)

Phoenix Central Library                                                              (Phoenix AZ)

Arizona Museum of Science & Technology Solar Oasis               (Phoenix)

Commercial  Buildings

Cook Inlet Building Remodel                                                                (Anchorage)

TWI Office/Warehouse                                                                        (Anchorage)

Quadrant Office Complex                                                                     (Anchorage)

Mat‑Su Borough Building Boiler Replacement, Generator


Park Place Offices                                                                                (Anchorage)

Fish and Wildlife Building, Moose Range                                               (Kenai)

Nyman Office Building Addition                                                           (Anchorage)

Top Auto                                                                                             (Anchorage)

KTU Building                                                                                       (Anchorage)

Pioneer Honda Remodel                                                                       (Anchorage)

KFQD Generator Addition                                                                   (Anchorage)

Barrow Bank of the North                                                                    (Barrow)

Kodiak Warehouse                                                                              (Kodiak)

Anchor Lutheran Church                                                                       (Anchorage)

Juneau Warehouse Remodel                                                       (Juneau)

Barrow Administration Building Rewiring                                     (Barrow)

Perkins Coie Law Offices                                                           (Anchorage)

OSI Office Warehouse                                                               (Anchorage)

Carlile Office Warehouse                                                            (Anchorage)

1st Assembly of God, Lot Lighting                                              (Anchorage)

Broadmore Maintenance Remodel                                              (Anchorage)

For Sons Warehouse                                                                  (Anchorage)

Penny Mall Energy Study                                                            (Anchorage)

Fairbanks State Office Building                                                   (Fairbanks)

Tangent Building Remodel                                                           (Kenai)

Hickel Warehouse                                                                      (Anchorage)

Ahtna Office Remodel                                                                (Anchorage)

Haines Bank, FNB of A                                                             (Haines)

Seward Library Remodel                                                            (Seward)

Project Administration Building Zone 3C Remodel                      (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 3E Remodel                       (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 2W Remodel                     (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 2E Remodel                       (Phoenix)

Curry Road Facility Remodel,  1990                                                     (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building New West Service                      (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Primary Metering Study                                                   (Phoenix)

Electric Vehicle Charging System                                                (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Water Transmission Control Center                                 (Phoenix)

SRP Project Reviewer                                                                (Phoenix)

Various SRP projects                                                                 (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Automatic Call Distribution Eq. Rm. Remodel                  (Phoenix)

National Weather Service Office @ P.A.B.                                 (Phoenix)

Page Pera Club Recreation Center                                              (Page, AZ)

ADOT Labs Suppl. Services, 21st Ave                                       (Phoenix)

SRP East Valley Service Center                                                  (Mesa)

SRP PAB B70/B186 Distribution                                               (Phoenix)

SRP ISB Parking Lot                                                                 (Phoenix)

Chase Bank                                                                                (Tempe)

SRP CDS                                                                                  (Phoenix)

Bank of America Grounding                                                        (Phoenix)

SRP West Valley Service Center                                                (Tolleson)

Sedona Flower Shop                                                                  (Sedona)

Chase F Revisions                                                                      (Tempe)

Sherman Howard Office                                                             (Reno)

Excel Ice                                                                                    (Phoenix)

Avnet                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Savers                                                                                        (Phoenix)

Bank One in Frys                                                                       (Phoenix)

Chase Fitness Center                                                                  (Phoenix)

Del Webb Office                                                                        (Phoenix)

SRT-Oak Place                                                                          (Phoenix)

Reno Bank of America                                                               (Reno)

Citibank RPTA                                                                           (Phoenix)

Community  Buildings

Soldotna Public Safety Building                                                             (Soldotna)

Main Bay Hatchery                                                                               (Main Bay)

Anchorage Pioneer Home Remodel                                                      (Anchorage)

Anchorage Courthouse Lighting                                                            (Anchorage)

Fairview Community Center Addition                                                    (Anchorage)

Barrow Court Building, 1984                                                                (Barrow)

University of Fairbanks Utilidor                                                             (Fairbanks)

Iditarod Kitchen Remodel                                                                     (Wasilla)

UAA HVAC Investigation/Design                                                         (Anchorage)

Scottsdate Police/Courts Renovation                                           (Scottsdale, AZ)

U of A Anchorage Hockey Rink                                                           (Anchorage)

Navajo Supreme Court                                                               (AZ)

Child Development Center Fire Alarm                                         (Phoenix)

Tempe Christmas Tree Electrical                                                 (Tempe)

Friendly House                                                                           (Phoenix)

251 W. Washington, City of Phoenix Offices                               (Phoenix)

Lake Pleasant Air Quality                                                           (Lake Pleasant)

Black Family Center                                                                   (Phoenix)

VA Legal Center                                                                        (Phoenix)

DOA Fire Alarm                                                                        (Phoenix)

Maricopa Bus Maintenance Bldg                                                (Phoenix)

Apache Junction Police Station                                                   (Apache J.)

Maricopa Cty S. E. Regional Facility                                           (Phoenix)


ARCO UPS Design                                                                              (Anchorage)

Project Administration Building UPS/Generation                          (Phoenix)

Correctional   Facilities

Palmer Correctional Center Kitchen                                                      (Palmer)

Highland Mt. Correctional Center‑CCTV/Door Lock Remodel             (Eagle River)

Cook Inlet Pretrial Facility ‑ CCTV/Intercom Remodel                         (Anchorage)

Fairbanks Jail Fire Alarm Upgrade                                                        (Fairbanks)

Barrow Regional Service Center                                                           (Barrow)

5th and C Jail Remodel Inspection                                                        (Anchorage)

McLaughlin Youth Center Gym Addition                                               (Anchorage)

Nome Youth Center                                                                             (Nome)

Work Furlough Facility                                                               (Phoenix AZ)

Arizona Center for Women                                                         (Phoenix)

Arizona Center for Women Fire Alarm                                        (Phoenix)

Adult Probation                                                                          (Phoenix)

Durango Mixer                                                                           (Phoenix)

Design Review/Investigations

St. Paul Hospital Inspection                                                                  (St. Paul)

Fort Wainwright Design Review                                                            (Fort Wainwright)

Chena Hot Springs Thermal Generation Invest                                       (Chena Hot Springs)

Akutan Fire Inspection; Estimate                                                           (Akutan)

Kut Rate Kid Building Inspection                                                          (Anchorage)

Sheraton Hotel Inspection                                                                     (Anchorage)

Doctor Clinic Inspection                                                                       (Anchorage)

Arco Building Inspection                                                                       (Anchorage)

Haines Fuel Tank Control/Distribution Investigation                               (Haines)

Naknek High School Inspection                                                            (Naknek)

Larson Bay School Inspection                                                               (Larson Bay)

Port Lions School Inspection                                                                (Port Lions)

Old Harbor School Inspection                                                              (Old Harbor)

Ouzinki School Inspection                                                                     (Ouzinki)

Unalakleet School Inspection/Design Review                                         (Unalakleet)

Anchorage International Airport Design Review                                     (Anchorage)

Blueberry St. Lighting Inspection                                                 (Anchorage)

Vantage Vans Paint Spray Booth 12E Inspection                        (Phoenix)

Dunkin/Baskin Robins                                                                 (Phoenix)

DES Elevator Research                                                              (Phoenix)

Coolidge Airport Taxiway Lighting                                              (Coolidge)

Estrella High School                                                                    (Estrella)

4041 N. Central Bond Jumper                                                    (Phoenix)

SRP East Valley Service Center Special Insp.,1992                              (Mesa)

Paradise Valley Vocational Technical School                               (Phoenix)

Army Aviation Submittals Review                                               (Phoenix)

Luke AFB Warehouse Submittal Rev                                          (Luke AFB)

ADOT Durango Contract Admin-4                                             (Phoenix)

2800 N. Central Site Investigation                                               (Phoenix)

Phoenix Bus Maintenance Inspection                                           (Phoenix)

Mitchel Center Survey                                                                (Phoenix)

Arboleda Study                                                                          (Phoenix)

Paradise Valley Vocational Tech Insp.                                        (Phoenix)

ADOT 21st Ave Inspection                                                        (Phoenix)

Phoenix Main Library                                                                 (Phoenix)

Shamrock Dairy Cogeneration Study                                          (Phoenix)

ACW Inspection, service special electrical inspection                  (Phoenix)

Maricopa County Computer Inspection                                       (Phoenix)

Maricopa County Office Overload                                              (Phoenix)

Phoenix Municipal Govt. Elevator Inspection                               (Phoenix)

TRW Inspection                                                                         (Mesa)


Eaglewood Subdivision Power Distribution                                            (Eagle River)

University of Alaska, Utilidor, 1984                                                      (Fairbanks)

Kasilof Hatchery                                                                                   (Kenai)

Bradley Lake Permanent Camp Distribution                                (Bradley Lake)

Wilderness Trails Camp Site Distribution                                     (Kenai River)

TRW 15 KV Distribution System Expansion                               (Mesa AZ)

ADOT Durango Facility Electrical Upgrade                                 (Phoenix)

91st Ave. Waste Water Treatment Plant-3                                  (Tolleson)

Point at Squaw Peak Distribution                                                (Phoenix)

The Boulders Resort                                                                   (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central Conduit in Shaft                                                (Phoenix)

91st Ave Waste Water Treatment Plant                                      (Phoenix)

Fire Stations

Tok Fire Station                                                                                   (Tok)

Sterling Fire Station                                                                    (Sterling)

Anchor Point Fire Station                                                            (Anchor Point)

ARCO Kuparuk Fire Station                                                      (Kuparuk)

Sterling Fire Station Addition                                                      (Sterling)

Kalifornsky Beach Road Fire Station                                          (Kenai AK)

Fire Station # 48                                                                         (Phoenix)

Casa Grand Fire Station                                                             (Casa Grand)


Mat‑Su School Generators                                                                   (Mat‑Su Area)

Fiat Avio Guam 15 MW Generator-4                                         (Guam)

Arizona Museum of Science Peak Shaving Study                        (Phoenix)

Arizona Museum of Science Peak Shaving Design                       (Phoenix)

Bowne Peak Shaving Study                                                        (Phoenix)

Cave Creek Central Plant Cogeneration                                      (Cave Creek)

Estrella Mountain Comm. Coll. Cogen Metering                          (Avondale)

Thunderbird Academy Generator/UPS Problem Study                (Phoenix)

Cave Creek School 300 KW Cogeneration                                (Cave Creek)

AlliedSignal Cogeneration                                                           (Phoenix)

Cypress Semiconductor Round Rock Cogen Prelim. Study         (Texas)

Cypress Semiconductor Manilla Generator Prepurchase              (Manilla)

Grocery   Stores

Mt. View Market Basket Grocery                                                        (Anchorage)

Palmer Carrs                                                                                        (Palmer)

Muldoon Carrs                                                                                     (Anchorage)

Dimond Carrs                                                                                       (Anchorage)

Gambell Carrs                                                                                      (Anchorage)

Knik Kountry Kitchen                                                                          (Wasilla)

Proctors Grocery Remodel (Value Village)                                  (Anchorage)

Wasilla Carrs Remodel                                                                         (Wasilla)

High Rise Design

Phoenix Newspapers Inc.-4                                                        (Phoenix)

Jacobs-Sirrine Offices, Flr 7 & 8                                                (Phoenix)

Historical   Renovation

Chitna Shop, 1983                                                                               (Chitna)

Independence Mine Generator Addition/Study 1988                             (Palmer)

Old Federal Court House Renovation                                         (Anchorage)

Hospitals, Medical/Dental Clinics

Providence Hospital Remodel                                                               (Anchorage)

Kanakanak Hospital Heating Renovation                                               (Kanakanak)

St. Paul’s Hospital Inspection                                                                (St. Paul’s Island)

Kodiak Hospital O.R. Room Remodel                                                  (Kodiak)

Dr. Nichols Dental Clinic                                                            (Anchorage)

Geneva Woods Medical Bldg Heating Ren. 1986                                  (Anchorage)

Tudor Professional Medical Bldg                                                (Anchorage)

Kenai Dental Clinic                                                                     (Anchorage)

Raven Electric Dental Office Remodel                                         (Anchorage)

Alaska Native Hospital X‑Ray Room Remodel                           (Anchorage)

Phoenix Baptist Hospital Remodel                                               (Phoenix)

Maryvale Primary Care Center                                                   (Phoenix)

Sunnyslope Primary Care Center                                                (Phoenix)

North Valley Medical Plaza                                                        (Phoenix)

Dialysis Center                                                                           (Phoenix)

Health Care Medical Equipment                                                  (Phoenix)

Dental Office                                                                              (Phoenix)

St. Josephs Office Remodel                                                        (Phoenix)


Adventure Condominiums                                                                     (Anchorage)

Wirum Apartments ‑ 80 and 100 Plex                                                   (Anchorage)

Alyeska Permanent Housing Facilities                                                    (Pipeline)

Homer Apartments                                                                               (Homer)

Kenai Apartments                                                                                 (Kenai)

Naknek Hotel                                                                                       (Naknek)

Baker 4 Plex                                                                                        (Anchorage)

Schefer 8 Plex                                                                                      (Anchorage)

Jefferson Custom House                                                             (Nikiski)

Redoubt View Apts                                                                    (Soldotna)

Bradley Lake Permanent Camp                                                  (Bradley Lake, AK)

Bunkhouse Inn Addition                                                              (Soldotna)

Yan 4 Plex                                                                                 (Anchorage)

Seldovia HUD Housing                                                               (Seldovia)

Hylen Motel Remodel                                                                 (Deep Creek)

McGuireville ADOT Residence                                                   (McGuiveville, AZ)

Sacaton ADOT Residence                                                          (Sacaton, AZ)

HUD Housing Renovations                                                         (Phoenix)

Days Inn                                                                                     (Phoenix)

Rio Grande Hotel                                                                       (New Mexico)

Amerisuites Hotel                                                                       (Flagstaff)

Days Inn                                                                                     (Phoenix)


Healy Tri‑Valley School Boiler Conversion/Addition                             (Healy)

Sitka Sewer Treatment Plant                                                                 (Sitka)

Municipality of Anchorage Head Bolt Heaters                                       (Anchorage)

SOHIO Electric Equipment Maintenance Program                                (Prudhoe Bay)

North Slope Lab for SOHIO                                                                (Prudhoe Bay)

Atqasuk Water & Sewer System                                                          (Atqasuk)

Ernestine Warm Storage Building                                                          (near Valdez)

Well 14 House                                                                                     (Anchorage)

Petroleum Test Lab                                                                              (Anchorage)

Paul’s Auto Body                                                                                  (Anchorage)

Lake Otis Car Wash                                                                   (Anchorage)

Kotzebue Subsistance Building                                                    (Kotzebue)

Howard Cooper Warehouse                                                                 (Anchorage)

Arco Prefab Pump Building                                                         (Kenai)

Wetco Cost Anaylsis                                                                  (Anchorage)

Beluga Power Plant Housing Code Inspection                                       (Beluga)

Industrial Electric Shop                                                               (Kenai)

Barrow Gas Field Injection Bldg                                                 (Barrow)

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility                                            (Nuiqsut, Kaktovik, AK)

Seasonal Seafoods Processing Plant                                            (Kasilof, AK)

Tucker Plastics Plant Expansion                                                  (Kingman AZ)

Bose U Line Oven Heating Controls                                           (Sonora, Mexico)

Tucker Central Plant Controls                                                     (Kingman, AZ)

TRW ADI-Line                                                                          (Mesa, AZ)

TRW Central Plant                                                                     (Mesa, AZ)

TRW Waste Packaging Bldg                                                      (Mesa,AZ)

SRP Old ADC Building                                                              (Phoenix)

SRP Cross Cut Main Office                                                        (Phoenix)

SRP Tempe Service Center Site                                                 (Tempe)

16th Street Central Plant                                                             (Phoenix)

General Turbine Sytem Interconnections                                      (Guam)

Bowne Printing                                                                           (Phoenix)

Steris Labs                                                                                 (Phoenix)

Sun City Pump Station                                                                (Sun City)

Squaw Peak Water Temporary Service                                      (Phoenix)

B.F. Goodrich Lab                                                                     (Phoenix)

Pinal County Utility Shop                                                            (Pinal Cty)

Excel Ice                                                                                    (Phoenix)

Steris Labs Circuit Breaker Replacement                                    (Phoenix)

Alameda Industrial Park                                                              (Phoenix)

ADOT Sign Grinder                                                                   (Phoenix)

91st Ave Waste Water Treatment Plant                                      (Phoenix)

Methanol Tank for Maricopa Cty                                                (Phoenix)

Tanner Industrial                                                                         (Phoenix)

PVNGS Chemical Storage                                                         (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal 300 PSI Natural Gas Line                                        (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Warehouse                                                              (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Large Gear Warehouse                                            (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Correct Grounding                                                   (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 404 Lighting Upgrade                                      (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Relocate MCC Const Est                                        (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 429 Ltg                                                           (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Lab Remodel                                                           (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Upgrade Primary Power                                          (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Tempe AHU Addn                                                  (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Bldg 101-102 Fire Alarm                                         (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Restrm Addn                                                           (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Test Stand                                                               (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Military Support Facility Office Remodel                  (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Material Management                                              (Tempe)

AlliedSignal MPS                                                                       (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Marine Valve Facility                                               (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Bldg 1202 AC                                                         (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Oven Heat Exchanger                                              (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 1207-5 Duct Heater                                        (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Payroll Duct Heater                                                 (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Bldg 505-3                                                              (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 103 Lighting                                                     (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 401                                                                 (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Bldg 102-2                                                              (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal VFD Transfer Switch                                               (Tempe)

AlliedSignal Bldg 302-1 Lab                                                       (Phoenix)

AlliedSignal Cogeneration                                                           (Phoenix)


Motorola Gemini EPI                                                                  (Phoenix)

Motorola Z Bldg                                                                         (Phoenix)

Motorola Mesa Mod 8                                                               (Mesa)

Motorola 52nd St CDA                                                              (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St CDM 3” Wafter                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Bldg B Corridor                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Maint Shop                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Quartz Clean                           (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Diffusion Furnace                    (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Mos 4 Backmetal                                           (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Backmetal                               (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Corridor                                 (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Metals                                    (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Rectifier Metalization                            (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St CSDM 3” Wafer Ion Implant                         (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St P Bldg Scrubbers                                           (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St D Bldg Scrubbers                                           (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St VOC                                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St RF Maintenance                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St B & C Corridor                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Failure Analysis Lab P Bldg                            (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St P Bldg Stepper #2                                          (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Com 1 Generator                                           (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St P Bldg Sputterer                                             (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Ammonia Scrubber                                        (Phoenix)

Motorola Mesa Mods 12 & 14                                                  (Mesa)

Motorola 52nd St RF Modules                                                   (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Acid Scrubber                                                (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Power Fab                                                     (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Mos 4                                                            (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Media Labs                                                    (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Zener Grind                                                    (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St CSDM Stepper 3 & 4                                    (Phoenix)

Seagate Fab                                                                               (Minnesota)

Motorola 52nd St MOS 4 FSI                                                   (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St MOS 4 Photo                                                (Phoenix)

Siltec Design Review                                                                  (Portland)

Com 1 Handcleaners                                                                  (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St IRI                                                                 (Phoenix)

Cypress Semiconductor, Round Rock Cogen                              (Texas)

Motorola 52nd St P Bldg Scrubbers -96                                     (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St Munters VOC Units                                       (Phoenix)

Cypress Semiconductor Manilla Prepurchase                              (Manilla)

SGS Thompson Lot Lighting                                                       (Phoenix)

Motorola 52nd St MOS 4 Grind                                                 (Phoenix)


Shimya Generation Cost Analysis                                                          (Shimya)

Airforce Transmitter/Receiver Buildings Upgrade                                   (Anchorage)

Galena Unenlisted Personnel Housing                                                    (Galena)

Adak Fuel Station, Tank Farm                                                              (Adak)

Building 6‑920 Photolab, Elmendorf                                                      (Anchorage)

Aeroclub, Elmendorf                                                                             (Anchorage)

Adak Unenlisted Personnel Housing Modifications                                (Adak)

Building 11‑750, Elmendorf                                                                  (Anchorage)

Chateau, Elmendorf                                                                              (Anchorage)

Over The Horizon Backscatter                                                    (Tok)

Fort Greely Test Support Complex Composite Bldg                    (Ft. Greely)

Building 11‑620 Office Remodel, Elmendorf                                         (Anchorage)

Base Exchange, Elmendorf                                                                    (Anchorage)

Kulis A.G.E. Addition                                                                           (Anchorage)

Kulis Fire Station Lighting Design                                                          (Anchorage)

Kulis Steam to Hydronic Heat Conversion                                            (Anchorage)

Galena Restroom Remodel                                                                   (Galena)

Fort Richardson Power Plant Water Treatment Est.                               (Anchorage)

Fort Richardson/Greely Garage & Bath Addn                             (Anchorage/Greely)

Marine Corps Air Base Compressor Design Study                      (Yuma)

Navy Weapons Storage Facility                                                  (San Diego)

Army Aviation                                                                            (Marana)

Luke AFB                                                                                  (Luke AFB)

Luke TCS                                                                                  (Luke AFB)

Army Aviation Heliport                                                               (Marana)

Luke AFB BC Addition                                                              (Luke AFB)

Luke Fire Pump                                                                          (Luke AFB)

Luke AFB Munition                                                                    (Luke AFB)

Luke Warehouse                                                                        (Luke AFB)

Luke AFB Munitions                                                                  (Phoenix)

Luke AFB Youth Center                                                            (Luke AFB)

Fort Tuthill Resort                                                                       (Ft. Tuthill)

Yuma Proving Grounds                                                               (Yuma)


Maricopa County Openeded Designs                                          (Phoenix)

APS Admin Complex, Bldg E                                                     (Phoenix)

Post Offices

Tok Post Office                                                                                    (Tok)

Kasilof Post Office                                                                     (Kasilof)

Talkeetna Post Office                                                                 (Talkeetna)

Las Vegas General Mail Facility                                                  (Las Vegas)

40th St & Van Buren GMF Kitchen Addn,  1992                                 (Phoenix)

Hopi Station Addn Prelim Design                                                (Scottsdale)

Holbrook Post Office Design                                                      (Holbrook)

Winslow/Holbrook Design Report                                              (Winslow, Holbrook)


Marriot-Alma School                                                                  (Mesa)

Point at Squaw Peak Ballroom Lighting                                       (Phoenix)

Sheraton Mesa Convention Center                                              (Phoenix)

Marriot Mountain Shadows Distribution                                      (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Heating/Cooling                                         (Phoenix)

Apache Lake Resort                                                                   (Phoenix)

Arizona Biltmore Renovations-1993                                            (Phoenix)

Point at South Mountain Renovations-3                                       (Tempe)

Point at Tapatio Cliffs Renovations-3                                          (Phoenix)

Biltmore Suites                                                                           (Phoenix)

Biltmore Central Plant                                                                 (Phoenix)

Biltmore Water Gardens                                                             (Phoenix)

Biltmore Kitchen Addition/Remodel                                            (Phoenix)

Biltmore Catalina Addition/Remodel                                            (Phoenix)

Biltmore Paradise Wing Central Plant                                          (Phoenix)

Biltmore Health Club Tennis Retail                                              (Phoenix)

Biltmore Temp. Room Service Kitchen                                       (Phoenix)

Point at South Mountain Lobby Remodel                                    (Tempe)

Point at South Mountain Jr. Ballroom                                          (Tempe)

Point at S. Mountain Guestroom Heating                                     (Tempe)

Point at South Mountain Ballroom                                               (Tempe)

Point at Soutn Mountain Remedial                                               (Tempe)

Pt. at Squaw Peak Tenant Improvements                                    (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Shops                                                        (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Jr. Ballroom                                               (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Water Park                                                (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Ballroom                                                    (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Guestoom Heating                                     (Phoenix)

Pt. at Tapatio Cliffs Ballroom Ltg.                                               (Phoenix)

Pt. at Tapatio Cliffs Remedial                                                      (Phoenix)

The Boulders Resort                                                                   (Phoenix)

Biltmore Terrace Court Remodel                                                (Phoenix)

Biltmore Laundry Remodel                                                         (Phoenix)

Hilton Pavilion Lot Lighting                                                         (Phoenix)

Wrigley Mansion Water System                                                  (Phoenix)

Biltmore Bakery                                                                         (Phoenix)

Restaurants, Lounges

LaMex Restaurant ‑ 6th and I                                                               (Anchorage)

Marsal’s Deli                                                                                        (Anchorage)

Fly by Night Club                                                                                 (Anchorage)

Roaring 20’s                                                                                         (Anchorage)

Seward Bar                                                                                          (Seward)

Dominos Pizza Stores                                                                           (Anchorage)

Sawmill Lounge                                                                                    (Anchorage)

Almas Deli                                                                                            (Anchorage)

Little Caesars Pizza Stores                                                                    (Anchorage)

Pepe’s Restaurant                                                                       (Anchorage)

American Legion Remodel                                                          (Anchorage)

Grand Central Lounge Electrical Service                                     (Anchorage)

Soldotna Y Restaurant                                                                (Soldotna)

Whales Tail Restaurant/Lounge                                                   (Anchorage)

Hole in the Wall Restaurant                                                         (Phoenix)

Culinary Express                                                                         (Phoenix)

Nola’s Restaurant                                                                       (Phoenix)

Recreation Areas

Cave Creek Phase 2,                                                                  (Cave Creek, AZ)

Avondale Ballfield                                                                       (Avondale)


Kokanok School Water System                                                            (Kokanok)

Kilbuck School Heating Renovation                                                      (Bethel)

St. Mary’s High School                                                                         (St. Mary’s)

Mt. Village Shop                                                                                  (Mt. Village)

Wainwright High School Addition                                                         (Wainwright)

Steese Fox School                                                                                (Fairbanks)

Mat‑Su Community College Well                                                          (Wasilla)

Akiachak School Remodel                                                                    (Akiachak)

Kodiak Community College Addition                                                    (Kodiak)

Newhalen School Addition                                                                   (Newhalen)

Point Lay School                                                                                  (Pt. Lay)

Wainwright Elementary School                                                              (Wainwright)

Noatak School                                                                                     (Noatak)

Valdez Elementary School Addition                                                      (Valdez)

Wasilla High School                                                                              (Wasilla)

Snowshoe School                                                                                 (Mat‑su)

Lower Kuskokwim School District Schools ‑ 13 Schools                      (Bethel Area)

Stebbins & St. Michaels Schools, Design & Inspection                          (Nome Area)

Kokhanok School Design                                                                     (Kokhanok)

Igiagig School Design                                                                            (Igiagig)

New Halen School Design                                                                    (Newhalen)

Mt. View Elementary Addition                                                              (Anchorage)

Gladys Wood Elementary Addition                                                       (Anchorage)

Point Lay Generation                                                                            (Pt. Lay)

Wainwright School Fire Pump Relocation                                              (Wainwright)

U of A Anchorage Elevator Design                                                       (Anchorage)

Butte School Water System Redesign(Palmer)

Wasilla High School Water System Redesign                                        (Wasilla)

Unalakleet School Design                                                                     (Unalakleet)

Anchoage School District Schools Ventilation                              (Anchorage)

First Ave School District Renovation                                           (Tucson)

ASU HREM                                                                              (Phoenix)

Gateway Community College Central Plant                                 (Phoenix)

Arizona Western College Bldg Ph 2                                            (Yuma)

Leupp School                                                                             (AZ)

Kofa High School ADA Fire Alarm                                            (Yuma)

ASU Bateman                                                                            (Phoenix)

Chandler Schools Air Conditioning                                              (Chandler)

Cactus Shadows H.S. Trailer Reloc                                            (Phoenix)

Goldwater Automatic Transfer Sw Question                                (Scottsdale)

Cave Creek Schools Master Plan                                               (Cave Creek)

Sky View Elementary                                                                 (Phoenix)

Cave Creek High School                                                            (Cave Creek)

Desert Arroyo School                                                                 (Cave Creek)

Cave Creek Elementary                                                              (Cave Creek)

Black Mountain Elementary School                                             (Cave Creek)

Glendale Community College Air Quality                                     (Glendale)

Special Lighting Systems,   Design

Anchorage Ski Jump‑critical lighting design                                            (Anchorage)

Wasilla Ice Rink Emergency Lighting                                                     (Wasilla)

Alaska Sales & Service, Sales Lot Ltg                                        (Anchorage)

Adak School Lighting Consulting                                                           (Adak)

Mat‑Su Community College Lighting                                                     (Wasilla)

Delaney Park Strip Hockey & Figure Skating Rinks                              (Anchorage)

Steese/Fox Ice Rink                                                                             (Fairbanks)

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Tunnel Lighting                                (Anchorage)

Second Avenue Historical Trail Lighting                                      (Anchorage)

Girdwood Trails Tunnel Lighting                                                  (Girdwood)

Solar Oasis Lighting Consultation                                                (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Ranch Park Tennis Court Addn                                  (Scottsdale AZ)

Cholla Park Lighting                                                                   (Scottdale AZ)

SRP EVSC Lighting Control Programming                                  (Mesa)

SRP ISB Parking Lot Ltg                                                           (Tempe)

Castle Botique Signs                                                                   (Tempe)

Street Lighting

Eaglewood Subdivision Street Lighting                                                  (Eagle River)

Steese/Fox School Street Lighting                                                         (Fairbanks)

Northway Mall Parking Lot Lighting                                                      (Anchorage)

Cigna Parking Lot Lighting                                                          (Tucson, AZ)

Fire Rock Lighting                                                                      (Fountain Hills)

Point at Tapatio Parking Lot Ltg                                                 (Phoenix)

Point at Squaw Peak Lot Ltg                                                      (Phoenix)

Black Mountain School Lot Ltg                                                  (Cave Creek)


North Slope Borough Building Survey                                                   (Barrow)

Bering Straits School Facilities Survey                                                   (Nome Area)

Point Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs Survey                                            (Phoenix)

Point Hilton at South Mountain Survey                                        (Tempe)

Tenant Improvement Projects

Scottsdale Fashion Square-Sweeton Realty                                 (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls- Farmers Insurance                                               (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Fashion Square-Hair Salon                                        (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls- Dr. Robinson                                                      (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central- Pitney Bowes                                                  (Phoenix)

Advanced Home Care                                                                (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls- Asian Restaurant                                                 (Phoenix)

Valley Commerce Center- Caliber Bank                                     (Phoenix)

16th St Financial Center- Sani-King                                            (Phoenix)

16th St Financial Center- UARCO                                             (Phoenix)

Caliber Bank                                                                              (Phoenix)

Parkwood Building, Dr. Dhillon                                                   (Phoenix)

Desert Mountain                                                                         (Phoenix)

24th St & Camelback-Biltmore III                                              (Phoenix)

Goodrich Lab                                                                             (Phoenix)

Western International Media Center                                            (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls – DWSA                                                              (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls – AZTAR                                                             (Phoenix)

Biltmore Financial Center – Fidelity                                             (Phoenix)

Valley Bank- Delta Airlines                                                         (Reno NV)

Desert Mountain Exec Offices                                                     (Phoenix)

Nelson Camera                                                                          (Phoenix)

Biltmore Financial Center- N.W. Nat. Life                                  (Phoenix)

16th St – Brooks CPA                                                                (Phoenix)

First Investors Corp                                                                    (Phoenix)

Valley Bank Reno – Boiler                                                          (Reno NV)

Missouri Falls – ADA Fire Alarm                                                (Phoenix)

Carleton Bus. Pk – Tishman Ste A12                                                    (Phoenix)

AZ State Retirement Sytem                                                         (Phoenix)

Department of Defence                                                               (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls- Norcross Financial                                              (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Barclay                                               (Scottsdale)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Greyhound Office                                (Scottsdale)

Exercise Rm                                                                               (Phoenix)

CPA                                                                                          (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Duroucher                                           (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls – GSA                                                                  (Phoenix)

St. Joseph’s Marketing                                                                          (Phoenix)

Mountain View Marketing                                                          (Phoenix)

Norwest McCarthy                                                                    (Phoenix)

Biodyne                                                                                      (Phoenix)

Codama                                                                                     (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central                                                                         (Phoenix)

Wang                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Reno Project 91021.21                                                              (Reno)

Saratoga Homes                                                                         (Phoenix)

McCarthy                                                                                   (Phoenix)

Wedbush Morgan Security                                                         (Phoenix)

General Diagnostics                                                                    (Reno)

Ritz Carlton                                                                                (Phoenix)

Sherman Clay Piano                                                                   (Phoenix)

Metro Tech Lighting                                                                   (Phoenix)

Willis Caroon                                                                             (Phoenix)

City Wide                                                                                   (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls Fire Alarm Submittals                                           (Phoenix)

Westshore Plaza                                                                         (Tampa, FL)

Hyatt Gainey Shop Remodel                                                       (Phoenix)

Natural Wonders                                                                        (Sarasoto, FL)

Hayden Square                                                                           (Phoenix)

16th St. Fin. Ctr Plaza Funding                                                   (Phoenix)

Park One, Sears Mortgage                                                         (Phoenix)

Coachworks                                                                               (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Sundae Shop                                                    (Phoenix)

Chapman Chevrolet Paint Booth                                                           (Phoenix)

Bank Plus Mortgage                                                                   (Phoenix)

Park One Training Ala Cart                                                        (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Much & More                                                  (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Law Office                                                       (Phoenix)

Allied Pool                                                                                 (Phoenix)

Alma School T.I.                                                                        (Mesa)

Guadalupe                                                                                  (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central, State Retirement                                              (Phoenix)

Smoke Rings                                                                              (Phoenix)

Warner Career Group                                                                (Phoenix)

Caliber Bank                                                                              (Phoenix)

MCI-MCI                                                                                  (Phoenix)

MCI-CTN                                                                                 (Phoenix)

MCI-TWC                                                                                (Phoenix)

Martori                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Kutak Rock                                                                               (Phoenix)

Nostalgia Lighting                                                                       (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central, CNC                                                               (Phoenix)

Fountain Head                                                                            (Phoenix)

4701 E. Washington                                                                   (Phoenix)

Danella                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Lil’ Things                                                                                  (Colorado)

Bechtel                                                                                       (Phoenix)

2700 N Central, Smock & Weinberg                                          (Phoenix)

New Life Foundation                                                                  (Phoenix)

ATT Parking                                                                              (Mesa)

Tvert                                                                                          (Phoenix)

Dr. Wai Office                                                                            (Phoenix)

Pacific Sunwear                                                                          (Florida)

Micrographics                                                                            (Phoenix)

GMAC Mortgage                                                                       (Phoenix)

Camelhead Square, Prognosys                                                    (Phoenix)

Republic Mortgage, Squaw Pk Corp Ctr                                    (Phoenix)

Avalon                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Park One, ET Kerney                                                                 (Phoenix)

Parkwood Plaza, Dr. Ricker                                                       (Phoenix)

Pt. Squaw Pk, Coyote Retail                                                      (Phoenix)

Rawhide                                                                                     (Scottsdale)

Laxalt                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Republic Mortgage Ins                                                                (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Insurance Co Printshop                                              (Scottsdale)


Lake Otis Pressure Reducer                                                       (Anchorage)

91st Ave Waste Water Treat Plnt Elect,                                      (Tolleson)

Design of electrical distribution system upgrade.

Pulliam Airport Fire Pump-4                                                       (Flagstaff)

Desert Harbor 1MG Tank Addition-4                                         (Peoria)

Citizens Utilities, 2 Sites                                                              (Sun City)

Arrowhead Shores Well & Tank                                                 (Peoria)

Wrigley Mansion Hydropneumatic Tank                                      (Phoenix)