Shimya Generation Cost Analysis                                                          (Shimya)

Airforce Transmitter/Receiver Buildings Upgrade                                   (Anchorage)

Galena Unenlisted Personnel Housing                                                    (Galena)

Adak Fuel Station, Tank Farm                                                              (Adak)

Building 6‑920 Photolab, Elmendorf                                                      (Anchorage)

Aeroclub, Elmendorf                                                                             (Anchorage)

Adak Unenlisted Personnel Housing Modifications                                (Adak)

Building 11‑750, Elmendorf                                                                  (Anchorage)

Chateau, Elmendorf                                                                              (Anchorage)

Over The Horizon Backscatter, 1989                                                    (Tok)

Fort Greely Test Support Complex Composite Bldg, 1988                    (Ft. Greely)

Building 11‑620 Office Remodel, Elmendorf                                         (Anchorage)

Base Exchange, Elmendorf                                                                    (Anchorage)

Kulis A.G.E. Addition                                                                           (Anchorage)

Kulis Fire Station Lighting Design                                                          (Anchorage)

Kulis Steam to Hydronic Heat Conversion                                            (Anchorage)

Galena Restroom Remodel                                                                   (Galena)

Fort Richardson Power Plant Water Treatment Est.                               (Anchorage)

Fort Richardson/Greely Garage & Bath Addn, 1988                             (Anchorage/Greely)

Marine Corps Air Base Compressor Design Study, 1991                      (Yuma)

Navy Weapons Storage Facility, 1992                                                  (San Diego)

Army Aviation, 1992                                                                            (Marana)

Luke AFB, 1992                                                                                  (Luke AFB)

Luke TCS, 1993                                                                                  (Luke AFB)

Army Aviation Heliport, 1993                                                               (Marana)

Luke AFB BC Addition, 1993                                                              (Luke AFB)

Luke Fire Pump, 1993                                                                          (Luke AFB)

Luke AFB Munition, 1993                                                                    (Luke AFB)

Luke Warehouse, 1993                                                                        (Luke AFB)

Luke AFB Munitions, 1994                                                                  (Phoenix)

Luke AFB Youth Center, 1994                                                            (Luke AFB)

Fort Tuthill Resort, 1994                                                                       (Ft. Tuthill)

Yuma Proving Grounds, 1994                                                               (Yuma)