Tenant Improvement Projects

Tenant Improvement Projects

Different tenants have different power requirements.  Hartwig Engineering can consult with your tenant on what equipment, appliances and machinery are needed and design a custom plan.  These plans and built to code and are constructible as we have many years experience implementing tenant improvement projects.   Below are many of the improvements our firm has successfully completed.


Scottsdale Fashion Square-Sweeton Realty                                 (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls- Farmers Insurance                                               (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Fashion Square-Hair Salon                                        (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls- Dr. Robinson                                                      (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central- Pitney Bowes                                                  (Phoenix)

Advanced Home Care                                                                (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls- Asian Restaurant                                                 (Phoenix)

Valley Commerce Center- Caliber Bank                                     (Phoenix)

16th St Financial Center- Sani-King                                            (Phoenix)

16th St Financial Center- UARCO                                             (Phoenix)

Caliber Bank                                                                              (Phoenix)

Parkwood Building, Dr. Dhillon                                                   (Phoenix)

Desert Mountain                                                                         (Phoenix)

24th St & Camelback-Biltmore III                                              (Phoenix)

Goodrich Lab                                                                             (Phoenix)

Western International Media Center                                            (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls – DWSA                                                              (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls – AZTAR                                                             (Phoenix)

Biltmore Financial Center – Fidelity                                             (Phoenix)

Valley Bank- Delta Airlines                                                         (Reno NV)

Desert Mountain Exec Offices                                                     (Phoenix)

Nelson Camera                                                                          (Phoenix)

Biltmore Financial Center- N.W. Nat. Life                                  (Phoenix)

16th St – Brooks CPA                                                                (Phoenix)

First Investors Corp                                                                    (Phoenix)

Valley Bank Reno – Boiler                                                          (Reno NV)

Missouri Falls – ADA Fire Alarm                                                (Phoenix)

Carleton Bus. Pk – Tishman Ste A12                                                    (Phoenix)

AZ State Retirement Sytem                                                         (Phoenix)

Department of Defence                                                               (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls- Norcross Financial                                              (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Barclay                                               (Scottsdale)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Greyhound Office                                (Scottsdale)

Exercise Rm                                                                               (Phoenix)

CPA                                                                                          (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Financial Ctr – Duroucher                                           (Scottsdale)

Missouri Falls – GSA                                                                  (Phoenix)

St. Joseph’s Marketing                                                                          (Phoenix)

Mountain View Marketing                                                          (Phoenix)

Norwest McCarthy                                                                    (Phoenix)

Biodyne                                                                                      (Phoenix)

Codama                                                                                     (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central                                                                         (Phoenix)

Wang                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Reno Project 91021.21                                                              (Reno)

Saratoga Homes                                                                         (Phoenix)

McCarthy                                                                                   (Phoenix)

Wedbush Morgan Security                                                         (Phoenix)

General Diagnostics                                                                    (Reno)

Ritz Carlton                                                                                (Phoenix)

Sherman Clay Piano                                                                   (Phoenix)

Metro Tech Lighting                                                                   (Phoenix)

Willis Caroon                                                                             (Phoenix)

City Wide                                                                                   (Phoenix)

Missouri Falls Fire Alarm Submittals                                           (Phoenix)

Westshore Plaza                                                                         (Tampa, FL)

Hyatt Gainey Shop Remodel                                                       (Phoenix)

Natural Wonders                                                                        (Sarasoto, FL)

Hayden Square                                                                           (Phoenix)

16th St. Fin. Ctr Plaza Funding                                                   (Phoenix)

Park One, Sears Mortgage                                                         (Phoenix)

Coachworks                                                                               (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Sundae Shop                                                   (Phoenix)

Chapman Chevrolet Paint Booth                                                           (Phoenix)

Bank Plus Mortgage                                                                   (Phoenix)

Park One Training Ala Cart                                                        (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Much & More                                                  (Phoenix)

2700 N. Central Law Office                                                       (Phoenix)

Allied Pool                                                                                 (Phoenix)

Alma School T.I.                                                                        (Mesa)

Guadalupe                                                                                  (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central, State Retirement                                              (Phoenix)

Smoke Rings                                                                              (Phoenix)

Warner Career Group                                                                (Phoenix)

Caliber Bank                                                                              (Phoenix)

MCI-MCI                                                                                  (Phoenix)

MCI-CTN                                                                                 (Phoenix)

MCI-TWC                                                                                (Phoenix)

Martori                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Kutak Rock                                                                               (Phoenix)

Nostalgia Lighting                                                                       (Phoenix)

3300 N. Central, CNC                                                               (Phoenix)

Fountain Head                                                                            (Phoenix)

4701 E. Washington                                                                   (Phoenix)

Danella                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Lil’ Things                                                                                  (Colorado)

Bechtel                                                                                       (Phoenix)

2700 N Central, Smock & Weinberg                                          (Phoenix)

New Life Foundation                                                                  (Phoenix)

ATT Parking                                                                              (Mesa)

Tvert                                                                                          (Phoenix)

Dr. Wai Office                                                                            (Phoenix)

Pacific Sunwear                                                                          (Florida)

Micrographics                                                                            (Phoenix)

GMAC Mortgage                                                                       (Phoenix)

Camelhead Square, Prognosys                                                    (Phoenix)

Republic Mortgage, Squaw Pk Corp Ctr                                    (Phoenix)

Avalon                                                                                       (Phoenix)

Park One, ET Kerney                                                                 (Phoenix)

Parkwood Plaza, Dr. Ricker                                                       (Phoenix)

Pt. Squaw Pk, Coyote Retail                                                      (Phoenix)

Rawhide                                                                                     (Scottsdale)

Laxalt                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Republic Mortgage Ins                                                                (Phoenix)

Scottsdale Insurance Co Printshop                                              (Scottsdale)