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Another recent project involving professional electrical engineering service for Hartwig Engineering Inc is a project for Arizona State University involving designing power for an imported piece of equipment.  This equipment for this institutional client is located in the Bio Design Lab at the Tempe Arizona Campus.  The equipment, a hot embosser, uses a step-up transformer to raise the US voltage of 208 volts three phase to 400 volts three phase for use in the equipment.  There were concerns for the energizing inrush current to the 20kVA transformer, and part of the electrical engineering service was to design the upstream overcurrent protective devices so as to not react to this normal current, while providing proper protection.

The electrical engineering service provided by Hartwig Engineering provides clients with the experience and benefits they need in a company at an affordable price.


electrical engineering service

When looking for electrical engineering service in Arizona, look no further than Hartwig Engineering.  With many years of experience starting as an electrician then moving onto more advanced engineering, they have experience in auto cad, on site changes and the hands on experience you are looking for to really explain the problem or situatation and what the job takes to get it done right the first time.