Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Cook Inlet Building Remodel                                                                (Anchorage)

TWI Office/Warehouse                                                                        (Anchorage)

Quadrant Office Complex                                                                     (Anchorage)

Mat‑Su Borough Building Boiler Replacement, Generator


Park Place Offices                                                                                (Anchorage)

Fish and Wildlife Building, Moose Range                                               (Kenai)

Nyman Office Building Addition                                                           (Anchorage)

Top Auto                                                                                             (Anchorage)

KTU Building                                                                                       (Anchorage)

Pioneer Honda Remodel                                                                       (Anchorage)

KFQD Generator Addition                                                                   (Anchorage)

Barrow Bank of the North                                                                    (Barrow)

Kodiak Warehouse                                                                              (Kodiak)

Anchor Lutheran Church                                                                       (Anchorage)

Juneau Warehouse Remodel, 1989                                                       (Juneau)

Barrow Administration Building Rewiring, 1989                                     (Barrow)

Perkins Coie Law Offices, 1987                                                           (Anchorage)

OSI Office Warehouse, 1986                                                               (Anchorage)

Carlile Office Warehouse, 1986                                                            (Anchorage)

1st Assembly of God, Lot Lighting, 1987                                              (Anchorage)

Broadmore Maintenance Remodel, 1987                                              (Anchorage)

For Sons Warehouse, 1986                                                                  (Anchorage)

Penny Mall Energy Study, 1988                                                            (Anchorage)

Fairbanks State Office Building, 1987                                                   (Fairbanks)

Tangent Building Remodel, 1987                                                           (Kenai)

Hickel Warehouse, 1986                                                                      (Anchorage)

Ahtna Office Remodel, 1987                                                                (Anchorage)

Haines Bank, FNB of A, 1987                                                             (Haines)

Seward Library Remodel, 1986                                                            (Seward)

Project Administration Building Zone 3C Remodel, 1990                      (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 3E Remodel, 1990                       (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 2W Remodel, 1990                     (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building Zone 2E Remodel, 1990                       (Phoenix)

Curry Road Facility Remodel,  1990                                                     (Phoenix)

Project Administration Building New West Service, 1990                      (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Primary Metering Study, 1990                                                   (Phoenix)

Electric Vehicle Charging System, 1990                                                (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Water Transmission Control Center, 1990                                 (Phoenix)

SRP Project Reviewer, 1990                                                                (Phoenix)

Various SRP projects, 1990                                                                 (Phoenix)

P.A.B. Automatic Call Distribution Eq. Rm. Remodel, 1990                  (Phoenix)

National Weather Service Office @ P.A.B., 1991                                 (Phoenix)

Page Pera Club Recreation Center, 1991                                              (Page, AZ)

ADOT Labs Suppl. Services, 21st Ave, 1992                                       (Phoenix)

SRP East Valley Service Center, 1992                                                  (Mesa)

SRP PAB B70/B186 Distribution, 1992                                               (Phoenix)

SRP ISB Parking Lot, 1992                                                                 (Phoenix)

Chase Bank, 1992                                                                                (Tempe)

SRP CDS, 1992                                                                                  (Phoenix)

Bank of America Grounding, 1992                                                        (Phoenix)

SRP West Valley Service Center, 1992                                                (Tolleson)

Sedona Flower Shop, 1992                                                                  (Sedona)

Chase F Revisions, 1993                                                                      (Tempe)

Sherman Howard Office, 1994                                                             (Reno)

Excel Ice, 1994                                                                                    (Phoenix)

Avnet, 1994                                                                                         (Phoenix)

Savers, 1994                                                                                        (Phoenix)

Bank One in Frys, 1994                                                                       (Phoenix)

Chase Fitness Center, 1994                                                                  (Phoenix)

Del Webb Office, 1994                                                                        (Phoenix)

SRT-Oak Place, 1994                                                                          (Phoenix)

Reno Bank of America, 1994                                                               (Reno)

Citibank RPTA, 1994                                                                           (Phoenix)