Electrical Engineering Plans


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Throughout the years David’s leadership with Hartwig Engineering, and his skills, has made him able to provide creative electrical engineering plans. Hartwig Engineering has skillfully engineered the electrical aspects of hospitals, educational buildings, places of healthcare, office spaces and many others, with his expertise in electrical engineering plans.

David is the owner and operator of Hartwig Engineering. His electrical engineering plans begin with his clients and with contract negotiations. His involvement provides critical oversight and he addresses key issues to ensure that his electrical engineering plans meet and exceed clients expectations.

With Hartwig Engineering, David Hartwig understands the importance of being a part of local and national associations throughout his electrical engineering career. Whether his plans are in his own backyard or the professional organizations that make electrical engineering viable, it is important for him to share in the responsibility of supporting others. The organizations that support the advancement of electrical engineering and it’s plans are those who work in that field and are what keeps a company like Hartwig Engineering alive.

David Hartwig understands the importance that technology plays in sustainability efforts, allowing him to move towards cloud-based documentation project work. These technologies will reduce the use of physical documentation processing, internally and externally, as well as provide online communication; for faster and more accurate work.